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Primary Care

We are committed to improving communities' access to healthcare through our products and solutions. Our direct contact with healthcare providers and institutions ensures that widest reach of and access to put industry-leading products.

Azuma Plain Tab 500MgTM
Celestone Tab. 10 * 35®
Clingard Cr. 15Gm®
Dipgenta Plus Cr. 20Gm®
Diplene Af Cr. 20Gm®
Dipsalic F Oint. 20Gm®
Elocon Cr. 05Gm®
Elocon Cr. 10Gm ®
Elocon Lot. 5Ml®
Elocon Oint 05Gm ®
Elocon Oint 10Gm ®
Emolene Cr. 50Gm®
Garamycin 80Mg Inj 2Ml®
Nasonex 50 - 140 Doses®
Netromycin 25Mg Inj. 1Ml®
Netromycin 50Mg Inj. 1Ml®
Netromycin 10Mg Inj. 1Ml®
Netromycin 200Mg Inj. 2Ml®
Netromycin 300Mg Inj. 3Ml®
Pilogro 60Ml®
Pilogro Plus 60Ml®
Quadriderm Rf Cr. 5Gm®
Quadriderm Rf Cr. 10Gm®
Shade Lotion 100 Ml®
Shade Lotion 40 Ml®
Sicastat Gel 15 Gm®
Sicastat Solution 100ml®